Vicinity maps in PDF format,  Tarrant County 

Maps are available, but this page is under construction.

Mapping included: 

* Tarrant Appraisal District GIS parcels, 09/2004.

*1 ft resolution, natural color aerials, 02/2001.

* FEMA flood insurance rate map, current revision.

* Original Texas Land Survey map.

* USDA Soil Survey Geographic (SSURGO) mapping, with soil type symbols.

* USGS topographic quad map.

* USGS elevation contours.

* Zoning map included for properties in the City of Fort Worth.

Sample map views:

cover.png (39172 bytes)    Cover page:

locator.png (85324 bytes)    Locator map. TXDOT mapping, with parcel boundary highlighted. 

parcels-otls.png (43707 bytes)    TAD parcels and OTLS lines. TAD data attributes are available in dbf format. Please see downloadable sample below.

parcels-topo.png (245652 bytes)    Topo map.  Georeferenced USGS topographic map  with parcel map overlay.

parcels-contours.png (60666 bytes)    Elevation contours.  USGS elevation contours with parcel map overlay.

aerial-parcels-contours.png (1332388 bytes)    Aerial with overlays of elevation contours and parcels. (1 MB image) 

aerial2.png (1145666 bytes)    Aerial 2.  (1 MB image) 

aerial3.png (1171149 bytes)    Aerial 3. (1 MB image) 

parcels-firm.png (59306 bytes)    FEMA FIRM.  Georeferenced FEMA Flood Insurance Rate Map with parcel map overlay.

parcels-soil.png (52593 bytes)    Soil.  USDA Soil Survey Geographic map with parcel map overlay.   



Maps can be viewed, printed, and selected portions can be copied to your clipboard with Adobe Reader. If the free Adobe Reader is not installed on your computer, it is available here:    Adobe Reader 6.0 is recommended for best results. 

Snagit screen capture software can be used to easily create gif and jpeg files, annotate with text and symbols, more. A 30-day trial version is available here.  

It may be necessary to download and save to a location on your computer to view samples. 

TXDOT.pdf (200 KB)

Parcel boundaries.pdf (200 KB)

Elevation contours.pdf (300 KB)

Flood Insurance Rate Map.pdf (100 KB)

Soil.pdf (250 KB)

Aerial - medium zoom.pdf (8 MB) 

Bexar_sample.pdf (38 MB) Download and save to a location on your computer to view.  With a standard dial-up connection, the download time for this sample of the complete set  will exceed one hour  If you have difficulty maintaining a connection, the free version of download manager Star Downloader should help.  If you are unable to download, please click here to request the sample delivered on CD, free.

Please e-mail if you have any questions. 


Ordering is a simple two-step process: 

Step one: Please provide your location and preference information; we will then e-mail a small clipped aerial image to you to ensure that we have located your property correctly, and that nothing is amiss with the aerial photo image of your home. 

Step two: After completion of step one, please make payment using one of several payment options available through our billing company,, a service of Digital River. Standard map orders are $49.00; repeat orders are discounted 20%. The completed set of maps will be posted on our FTP site and a download link will be e-mailed to you within two business days. Map sets written to disc are mailed within three business days. 

We hope you enjoy your set of maps and welcome your comments. Thank you!