Vicinity maps in PDF 

PDF-formatted vicinity map sets include twelve or so pages of specialty maps and high resolution, natural color aerial orthophotography. Your property or point of interest is identified, centered and labeled as you specify. More than a square mile of the surrounding area is shown in detail. 

Using datasets developed from an assortment of primary source digital mapping data, each map is individually created in ArcView GIS. Maps are output to presentation quality PDF with Adobe Illustrator and Distiller. 

Complete map sets are priced from $59.00, downloaded from our FTP site, or $74.00 delivered on CD. Additional orders are discounted 20%. Maps are delivered bound in a single 35+ MB PDF file, or in individual PDF files. 8.5" x 11" and 11" x 17" formatting are standard, though other sizes can be specified. Maps are the property of the person for whom they are created, with no copyright or usage restrictions. 

        Bexar County 

        Denton County 

        Tarrant County