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MicroMap Publishing was established in Fort Worth in 1988 by native Donald Brock, University of Texas graduate school-educated in political science, oil business refugee, and map lover. MicroMap Publishing's initial products, marketed until the mid 90s, were microfiche versions of FEMA flood insurance rate maps, making flood zone determination less of a hassle. Products for most of the 22 major metro areas served included comprehensive indexing, with flood maps cross-referenced by panel quadrants to street map books.

During this period (1989-1995), MMP also published microfiche-based appraisal district data products for several Texas metro areas, offering property data users a reasonably-priced, carefully done alternative to the only other source for property data microfiche at the time, the much more costly TRW-Redi products. Data was mainframe processed, formatted, thoroughly indexed and output to microfiche. Hundreds of microfiche were needed for larger counties. Using Tarrant Appraisal District data, MMP developed methodology to generate comprehensive profiles of neighborhood characteristics in Tarrant County, providing appraisers with reliable, easily accessible answers to the perplexing neighborhood questions on the URAR appraisal report form.

MMP’s first digital, CD-ROM-based product was done in 1995, featuring scanned flood maps and appraisal district data for Bexar County. MMP also developed and marketed census tract databases to institutional lenders in the mid 90s, before the data became readily available on the internet

In the mid to late 90's, when Geographic Information Systems use was not widespread and data was rough and required more polishing, MMP became one of the leading providers of specialty mapping data to engineers and surveyors in Dallas/Fort Worth, with over 100 of these firms as customers. MMP introduced many of them to the wonders of GIS with free in-office training. The joy experienced by a bedraggled property researcher was something to behold, when clicking on a parcel and for the first time seeing a window pop up with associated data, realizing instantly this would save them countless hours at the courthouse.

As much more - and much better - digital mapping has become readily available, the process of making a vast array of datasets fit together and be easily accessible to the end user has become increasingly important. MMP's more recent products feature comprehensive selections of primary source specialty mapping, including geo-referenced flood maps (used by several flood zone determination companies) and high-resolution imagery. MMP was one of the first companies in Texas to provide surveyors with a GIS rendering of benchmarks, creating pointfiles that link horizontal and vertical control summary  information and detailed datasheets. MMP offers a broad range of GIS services, including standard and custom spatial translations worldwide.  

MMP has recently relocated to beloved Naples, a place rightly called paradise. Here, walks can be taken every morning, tomatoes can be grown through the “winter”, fishing is always good, and every sunset is spectacular. Daily viewing of maps and aerial photographs helps keep an eye on Texas, beloved as well.