Vicinity Maps

Get to know the neighborhood better with this comprehensive collection of aerial photographs and specialty maps, each covering the area within a 2.5 mile radius of your home or point of interest, and all included in a data-rich, fully-functional GIS project delivered to you on DVD

Open your project file with the the free, easy to use TatukGIS Viewer. Display any combination of aerials and maps with a mouse-click; navigate, query, identify, measure distance or area, insert hotlinks, export image files, export data linked to a selected area, modify appearance - including linework, fonts, and colors, print at any zoom level, print PDF, more.    

MMP's quick start guide will help you reach a functional level of use in minutes, even if you have no GIS experience.  The many features of the TatukGIS Viewer are covered thoroughly by the comprehensive TatukGIS tutorial.                    

Minimum 2.5 mile radius: 

Aerial photographs - multiple year sets of high-resolution orthophotos. An orthophotograph has been adjusted for topographic relief and camera tilt to represent the actual land surface. It can be used in GIS to measure distance easily and accurately. 

Appraisal District parcel maps      

FEMA flood insurance rate maps

National Wetlands Inventory wetlands maps (Houston area counties only)

Texas General Land Office original land surveys  

Texas Railroad Commission oil and gas pipelines, with linked data, including pipeline operator, fluid, and diameter

USGS elevation contours 

USGS Digital Raster Graphics topographic quad maps

USDA Soil Survey Geographic (SSURGO) mapping 


Census blocks (the smallest geographical unit for which data is available), with linked demographic data

Census tracts (multiple block areas), with linked demographic data 

Cities and school districts

EPA superfund and landfill sites

FCC broadcast towers (cell, am, fm, private) 

StratMap road map 

TXDOT road map

TIGER mapping hydrography

Voter precincts


USGS generalized geologic map, with fault lines

State and Federal electoral districts


Counties available:









El Paso


Fort Bend  












Sample download:

The downloadable sample project file linked below includes samples of aerials, parcels, land surveys, elevation contours, topographic quads, soil, wetlands, school districts, block demographics, and flood maps. To keep download size manageable, the download does not include samples of all of the maps included in your order. Please note also that the aerial photographs in the samples cover very limited areas to reduce download size. 

Large prints can be made inexpensively by most commercial printers. Using TatukGIS, create high-quality PDF or JPEG files and write to CD or email to the print shop. Ready to print PDF versions of vicinty maps are also available from MicroMap Publishing.

Map files are provided in shapefile format and can be accessed with other GIS software. AutoCAD DWG and MicroStation DGN are available, as well as additional geospatial system options.  

Download and install the free TatukGIS Viewer, from our friends in Poland (available in 16 languages). Select the option that includes the tutorial. The TatukGIS Viewer can be used at a wide range of skill levels. 

Download a sample vicinity map GIS project (25 MB) to your desktop or location of your choice. Unzip to a folder. Review TatukGIS Quickstart.pdf, then double-click on the unzipped vicinity_map_sample.ttkgp file to display the GIS project in the TatukGIS Viewer. 

Please email if you have any questions.



Vicinity map orders are $39.00 plus $4.00 S&H. Your CD will be mailed to you in two business days. 

Ordering is an easy two-step process: 

Step 1: Please provide your location information.

Step 2: A link will be emailed to you for payment using one of several online or offline options available through our billing company, CC Now, a service of Digital River. 

Thank you! We hope you enjoy your maps, and welcome your comments.