Vicinity maps -  Bexar County 

Bexar_aerial_sample.jpg (767644 bytes)  Aerial with parcel map overlay 

Lot dimensions and account numbers are displayed.

One GIS project includes the following aerials and map layers, covering a minimum 2.5 mile radius from your point of interest: 

Aerials - 2006 natural color orthophotos  

Aerials - 2004 infrared orthophotos

Aerials - 1995 infrared orthophotos

Appraisal District parcel maps - Bexar Central Appraisal District GIS parcel boundaries, with linked data

FEMA flood insurance rate maps  

StratMap road map (countywide)

USGS Digital Raster Graphics topographic quad maps

USGS elevation contours (countywide)

A second project includes the above datasets and the following countywide and statewide GIS layers:


FCC Broadcast towers (cell, am, fm, private) 

Census blocks, with linked demographic data (the smallest geographical unit for which data is available)

Census tracts, with linked demographic data 

Cities and school districts.

EPA superfund and landfill sites

TIGER hydrography

Texas Railroad Commission oil and gas pipelines, with linked data, including pipeline operator, fluid, and diameter

Texas General Land Office original land surveys  

TXDOT road map

USDA Soil Survey Geographic (SSURGO) mapping 

Voter precincts


USGS generalized geologic map, with fault lines

State and federal electoral districts


Please e-mail if you have any questions.