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The San Antonio area coverage includes Bexar and the seven adjoining counties. 

Bexar County datasets:

2008 high-resolution color aerials, ECW format. 

2008 1 meter, infrared DOQQ's for the county, SID format. 

Bexar Appraisal District GIS parcel mapping, in ESRI GIS shapefile and AutoCAD DWG formats. ArcGIS geodatabase available also.  

Georeferenced FIRMs, TIFF. A set of clipped panels is also included, providing a near seamless display of multiple panels when the area of interest extends beyond a single panel.

2005 CPS service area electric and gas line mapping, DWG.

1" to 200' Digital Raster Graphics maps for the county (georeferenced, TIFF versions of USGS topographic quad maps).

Bexar County 2 foot contours and USGS elevation contours, DWG and shapefiles. 

Original Texas Land Survey map layer, DWG and shapefiles.

Control monuments - current NGS published horizontal and vertical controls, shapefiles and DWG. Point data attributes include monument condition. Archives of benchmark datasheets are included. 

 USDA Soil Survey Geographic (SSURGO) mapping, DWG and shapefiles.

 Many additional layers, including environmental hazards, broadcast towers, a complete set of Census Bureau TIGER/Line map files, electoral districts, more.

Overlay parcels, elevation contours, controls, roads, surveys, utilities, soil, more, on aerials or USGS topo maps.

Duplicate sets of vector files in both State Plane, NAD 83, US Feet, and UTM, meters are provided. Most vector files are in both DWG and shapefile formats. 2006 aerials are in State Plane, 2004 aerials are in UTM.

Tech support is friendly, free, and unlimited. List of local customers available upon request.

Parcel map over flood map   

Parcel map and elevation contours   


Data available for counties adjoining Bexar.

The San Antonio area package is delivered on DVDs. Materials updated within 6 months of date of purchase are delivered by ftp at no additional cost. Please e-mail for current pricing.  

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